I've ridden the cusp of corporate communications and lived to tell the tale!

Nowadays, I specialise in empowering creative-types to transform their ‘creative process by-products’ into a powerful content marketing strategy for their craft.

Meet Bridget

Bridget is a content and brand strategist with over five years experience in the marketing, communications and online industries. She holds a Bachelor of Media Arts – Communications (PR & Advertising).

Alongside storytelling, she’s incredibly passionate about harmonious ‘WIN WIN’ partnerships, holistic health (including yoga and meditation), intuitive/indigenous wisdom, protecting and regenerating the natural environment, and living a fulfilling, happy life with purpose!

“Bridget advised me on how best to set up and establish my portfolio, profiles and links to market myself to clients and employers. It paid off, and what’s more, she is a joy to work with – lovely, progressive-thinking, fun and pragmatic.”

Lesley Haw

Journalist, Freelance

“Thank you once again for your work on Blynk’s press release, we notice that it’s been used a lot by people wanting to write something about us.”

Pavel Baiborodin

Founder, Blynk

“Bridget is a polished PR practitioner that is technically proficient across the board but with an undeniable strength as a ‘digital communications specialist’.”

Sarah Sparks

Managing Director, markomPR